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Low-code for Front-end Development and Actionable Insights Customer Journeys


WHEN:      Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021

TIME:         12:00pm CST

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What you'll learn

There has been a lot of buzz around no-code and low-code platforms, but the "citizen developer" has been more hype than reality. The truth is, building effective software still requires expertise in development and UI best practices. But when leveraged effectively, no-code platforms can make development orders of magnitude faster, reduce errors and issues and lower development costs.

In this session you will hear from Josh Hailpern and ioet Team Lead Santiago Taco about how a software development firm adopted this hybrid approach. Learn how to  leverage no-code solutions to automate much of the development process while using talented designers and developers to build other parts of the application, seamlessly acting as a single agile team working in the same codebase. 

In less than 30-minutes you’ll learn:

Why most no-code tools weren't made for software developers

How to structure an agile team by combining software developers and softare automation

How one dev shop is changing the software design firm industry and blowing away their competition

Learn from industry experts

Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A about how they’re
future-proofing front-end design.


Santiago Taco Santiago Taco LinkedIn

Team Lead
ioet Inc.


Josh Hailpern Josh Halipern LinkedIn

Founder & Chief Product Officer Kleeen Software


Srini Gurrapu Erica Lanyon LinkedIn


Kleeen Software